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Welcome to the Six Figure Stylist Membership Program. We're excited you're here and committed to helping you level up this year! You'll receive new assignments every Monday with instructions on what to do to help you make more money, increase your social media following, grow your client base, and much, much more!

Spend some time looking over the free e-books and videos! Join the Facebook group and start building new relationships! Log-on at least once a week as new content, worksheets, videos, and interviews drop weekly!

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1. Email your picture and social media handles to info@businessbabesonline.com. We want to create a custom flyer advertising that you're now a Six Figure Stylist Member!

2. Join the Private Mastermind Group via Facebook. Introduce yourself, write a post or two, or respond to something someone else has posted. 

3. Get busy on the assignments! There's no magic bean that will deliver $100K in your pockets. Just some solid work ethic and a plan. Every week we'll post challenges and activities to make you access, plan, organize, build, and attack. IT'S GO TIME!