Week 1 Assignment: Goal Digging

The beginning of the year is always a time of introspection and goal setting. I want you to spend time over the next week setting three major goals you want to accomplish this week. They should push you to work yet be realistic. Read further below.

1. I want you to create 3 Major Goals you want to accomplish this year as a stylist. Think about how much money you want to make, how you want to grow your social media influence, client growth, new skills you want to learn, and how you want your personal brand as a stylist to develop.

2. Download the FREE Major Goal Worksheet Below and list your goals there.

3. Write the major reason WHY you need to accomplish your goals and how much time every week you'll devote to achieving your goals. This can include wanting to open your own salon, wanting to provide for your family, or wanting to walk in your purpose as a platform or celebrity stylist.