Week 6: Brand Audit

Your Professional Brand Audit

Note: As a hairstylist, regardless of if you're in a salon or not, you have to build a professional brand to secure solid clientele and opportunities. If you were to google yourself right now, would you be happy with the results? Take the audit below to figure out what branding tools you'll need this month.

What does your business do/What services do you provide? If you had just 30 seconds to explain your service offerings to a customer, what would you say?

What problem do you solve for your customers? What is the purpose of their existence (other than to make money)? If a business is not solving a problem or fulfilling a need for customers, then it’s not worth while.

Who are your 3 main competitors (direct or indirect)? What do you like about their presence? What do you dislike about their brand identity? It pays to know who you’re competing against and what the industry norms are. 

What about your background or product or service sets you apart from your competitors? Why should your prospects buy from you or engage with you? 

Is there a unique story behind your business or business name or logo? 

Share 5 adjective or words that best describe your beauty brand. 

Describe your ideal customer? Selling to another business is different from selling to a consumer.

What is the primary message do want to convey to your customers? This is about how you want customers to feel each time they interact with your business. 

Share 5 adjective or words that best describe your ideal customer. 

If you have an existing brand/identity, why isn’t it working for you? 

Do you have specific guidelines do’s and don’ts about the colors and other elements of brand identity?