Week 7: Brand Kits (Design for $FREE.99)

Whoop Whoop!

By now, you should be clear on how you want to present yourself to the world. It's now time to create some dope graphics, marketing materials, and advertisements that convey that to the world.

1. Visit canva.com and create a free account.

2. Build a brand kit via this tutorial. You will learn to:

Choose a color palette that reflects your personality

Choose a charismatic title font

Choose easy to read subtitle and body fonts that suit your brand

Set the minimum dimension for your logo

Think about your answers from last week when picking your colors and fonts. Does your selection tie to how you described your brand? Will it attract your customer base? This will help you stay consistent when designing marketing materials that cohesively represent your brand. We'll be using your kit to create logos, t-shirts, posters, e-flyers, etc.

Any questions? Place them in the membership mastermind!